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Labrador Retriever Characteristics
All of our dogs are very special to us and we attempt to place them in safe, loving homes. Our dogs are well suited to  life as loyal family companions. We may have the loving companion that you are searching for.
Which Labrador is the right one for you and your family?
The Labrador Retriever is currently the most popular family dog in America. This is partly because of their friendly temperaments, intelligence, and trainability.
A Puppy?
An Adult?
An Older Dog?
Mello Labradors may have older dogs available for your consideration. Some of these may even be available for adoption.
Learn of the advantages of getting an older lab
We usually have dogs available of various ages and training, from puppies to mature dogs.
We will provide a list of references from veterinarians, and famlies that have our dogs for you to contact. A well educated buyer will enjoy success wih the correct dog for his situation.
A mellow yet playful disposition
Well bred puppies are curious and trusting
We will help you select the dog so that it makes a good match for you and your family.
Loyal Companion And Trusted Friend
Highly Intelligent, Good-Natured
Highly Trainable Well-Balanced, Friendly
Loyal, Loving, Affectionate And Patient
Very Willing And Eager To Please
Great Family Dogs with Tail-Wagging Nature
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Waiting for their owners to select them
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Slipper Puppy
Chocolate Litter July 2010
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