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... happy and grateful we are for finding you and our 2 new babies, Fred and Barnie.  They are so awesome.  In just 4 weeks they already know how to sit and stay and lay down.  They respond to come , at least most of time :).  They are leash trained and heal pretty well, plus they stop and sit at every corner for safety.  They are growing like weeds and are 45 and 50 lbs. We are amazed at how smart they are and how lucky we are!! They are incredibly handsome and cute as they come!  Great personalities and the perfect mix of energy and calmness.  They have been to our Vet twice now and he has given them glowing reviews, very healthy and good stock he says.
Today he asked who the breeder was for a 2nd time and we gave him your info.  In his words " you guys lucked out, these guys are the perfect mix of being the dogs they are and in control at the same time" he asked about their lineage because they are so good in every way!
We walk them and they stop traffic in the neighborhood, everyone loves them.  Here a couple of photos the first is this week and the 2nd is the first week they came to live with us.Again, thank you so very much for everything!
Diane and Frank
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Just wanted to let you know "Chip" is doing great. Dave called it right and I have fallen in love with him. Be assured that we know how to handle labs and he is such a great puppy. We are delighted with him and he is in capable and loving hands. Thank you,
I know it's soon, but just wanted to let you know that the Black Lab  Pup we bought from you on the 21st, is doing just fine!  I can t believe how well adjusted he is already.  My son simply adores him and the pup (Oliver) adores Troy. He's also beginning to respect the  cats' (3) space.
As soon as I can get him to sit long enough for a picture, I will send one with his  blue collar with his bone-shaped tag. I have to admit that I was very impressed with your kennel.  It was very clean and all dogs looked healthy and good natured. The pups were so adorable  that if I had the money and room, I would have taken one of each color!
.. just wanted to write and say thanks, he is a great dog. Everyone we meets loves him and is very impressed. There has been a lot of interest, and I have recommended both of you to many of his admirers.
He has learnt to sit, stay, shake hands, lie down, let go (nearly), off (nearly), take it, no........ and we haven t even started puppy training classes! He is so quick to learn. He was potty trained very quickly, snd now lets himself out and goes straight to the spot - impressive in less than 3 weeks. We went to puppy playgroup at the weekend, he was the smallest and youngest, but put up a good fight, and was the only puppy not to pee on the floor, he went to stand by the door ;)
He really is a great dog, and is very smart. Thanks again,
Jessica, Dan and Cadbury
I just wanted to drop you a quick message and update you on the 4 month old male black lab pup we bought form you on March 8th. We named him Cooper. He has adjusted very well to our home and family. The kids just adore him and after a few days finally let me out of his sight - somewhat. He s a very loved and welcome addition to our family. I can t get over how mellow he is especially for a puppy. He doesn t jump on people or back much at all. The very first night we had him he did cry and bark for about 10 minutes (was expected and I was pleasantly surprised it wasn t longer) when we went to bed - and that was it, ever. He sleeps all night in his crate in our room no problems. He s not completely house broken yet; but as long as I take him out every few hours he s usually good. He has yet to learn to go to the door to signal when he can no longer hold it but I am sure that will come soon enough. The chewing has not been too  much of a big deal... he has plenty of chew items that we got for him. He already knows the  sit  command. I will be working with him over the next few months so he learns to heal, stay and come. He s a smart dog and I don t anticipate any problems learning such things. Oh one thing ... he doesn t like stairs! He will not go up and down our stairs to the kids bedrooms on the second floor or into our finished basement. Not sure if I love this or not yet. Certainly is easier for me to keep a watchful eye on him for now but in the future I want him to be able to go up a flight a stars if need be. I have heard this is common for puppies.
We are the recent family that purchased your last chocolate lab from you about 6 weeks ago.  We wanted to send you some updated pictures of Chip.  He is doing awesome.  He is house trained, can sit, stay, fetch / bring it back, and lay down.  He is such a sweet dog that has brought our family sooo much joy.  We couldnt have asked for anything more.  He rolls over and wants people to rub his belly once they come over to our house.  You will see this in one of the pics.Thanks,
Carrie Williams
We purchased one of your beautiful black lab puppies  two weeks ago.  John & Pat Auld.  We named him Sam Madison. He is doing great. He likes his crate and goes in without any fuss.  He has been doing his pee and poop outside with only a few accidents in the house.  He is really a very smart dog.  But you probably already knew that.  Sam had his first Vet visit yesterday and passed with flying colors.  He is a bit overweight, probably my fault he is just so darn cute I go overboard on the treats.  I will be more conscientious going forward.
We love him to pieces and are so glad Sam is part of our family now. I am sending you some pictures hope you like them.  I will keep you posted as to his progress.  You can be very proud of Sam.
Our Dec 2011 puppy went to a new home.
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